Keeping Writers Writing by Posting Reviews

As an author I know how important reviews are. Some readers won’t take a chance on a book that doesn’t have a fair amount of reviews. That’s why when I finish a book I’ve enjoyed, I try to follow up by posting a review.

Since “Voyage of the Heart” was a Christmas gift, Amazon declined to post my review because the book was not purchased by me and they couldn’t verify that I had read it. So I’m posting my review here:

The risks of loving—A Review of Voyage of the Heart

When we think about World War II, we usually think of the bravery of the men who went into battle knowing that the odds of making it through to the end of the war in one piece were pretty slim. But there is a different kind of courage that we often forget about, the courage of the war brides who risked leaving the security of their homes, their countries, their families and their friends to be with the American servicemen who swept them off their feet.

Voyage of the Heart, by Soraya M. Lane, published by Lake Union, 2014, draws us in with well-developed characters forged by love, war and a chance at a new adventurous life. I’m glad Soraya took me on this journey. I have childhood memories of soldier friends of my parents’ who married war brides. I now have a greater appreciation of what it took for those women to come here.

Soraya skillfully weaves the riveting stories of four British women who follow their hearts across the vast ocean hoping that the love they feel for their new American husbands will be enough to sustain them in this foreign land.

Will this new adventure become their happily ever after or will it end in disaster?  

We simply can’t help rooting for each of these young ladies as they face difficult challenges and surprises, some welcome, some quite unpleasant.

I highly recommend this book.

P.S. To learn more about war brides, check out “War Brides of World War II”, by Elfrieda Berthiaume Shukert and Barbara Smith Scibetta, published by Presidio Press in 1988 and Penguin Books in 1989.

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