Writing while holding down a job

A reader recently asked me how I managed to write two books while holding down a full time job. I guess the short answer is, if you saw how long it took between books you’d know that they didn’t come quickly. But I’m persistent. And that’s pretty much it. The best advice I have gottenContinue reading “Writing while holding down a job”

Creeping Vines—They’re Coming for Us!

Call out the National Guard! Warn the military! Planet Earth must be alerted to this menace! Where is Thor? Where is Wonder Woman? Where is Buzz Lightyear? We need a super hero who can save us from this peril! —or at least a good tree guy. The invasion begins innocently enough; one tiny plant hidingContinue reading “Creeping Vines—They’re Coming for Us!”

7 Practices in my Writing Routine

A reader asked me if I have a writing routine. To answer that question, I would say that my methods keep evolving as I go, but here are seven things I do: Ch 8: 2680 words 9ppS1: Gestapo visits de Jongh homeS2: Elsie and Peggy’s cold call As I said, my methods are always evolving,Continue reading “7 Practices in my Writing Routine”

WWII Soldiers in Their Own Words

Back in 2018, I was one of about 7,200 citizen-archivists and citizen-historians who participated in an initiative to transcribe comments handwritten by military personnel about their service during World War Two. Soldiers on active duty filled out questionnaires on topics like: women and gender, race and ethnicity, recreation and welfare, ground combat, air combat andContinue reading “WWII Soldiers in Their Own Words”

Bikinis and Thomas Jefferson

“All I need to know about Thomas Jefferson is that he owned slaves!” a fellow said. The past is full of social practices that may be abhorrent to us today: killing animals for their fur, bloodletting to cure disease, burning women for suspicion of witchcraft, scalping enemies, buying and selling human slaves, forced child laborContinue reading “Bikinis and Thomas Jefferson”