Sky diving, visiting the pyramids, rafting down the Amazon and seeing wild animals in untamed Africa are among the things on the bucket list—of somebody else. My joy is writing interesting stories that weave through those little known but fascinating episodes in history. When I’m not writing or working as a civil engineer and land use planner, I love spending time with my wife, our two daughters, son, son-in-law and twin grandsons. Our Sunday dinner table looks like the scene from Bluebloods but more like a sitcom.

My debut novel, TORBEN’S FOUNTAIN, is a tale of guilt, murder and World War Two survival wrapped in a love story.

It’s about a farmer fighting against the town’s plan to take his land for redevelopment. The fight takes an unexpected turn when the mayor digs up evidence that Torben might be a Nazi murderer hiding in the U.S. since the end of World War II. Torben always knew he’d have to answer for what he had to do to survive. Now he hopes that when he tells his story, his granddaughter will understand and forgive him. He remembers back to the young cocky, independent, chauvinistic American Spitfire pilot shot down in German occupied France. Injured and helpless, his only chance of survival is a brave young French girl who hides him from German search parties. To get back to England, he must first learn to pass for French—no simple feat when you’re a six-foot-one American and the trousers given you are for a five-foot-six Frenchman. No longer independent, he must trust his life to a series of daring young girls to conduct him hundreds of miles through German checkpoints, Gestapo traps and over the treacherous Pyrenees Mountains into Spain.


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