Most Obeyed Their German Conquerors—One Woman Fought Back

               On a hot August night in 1941, a twenty-four year old Belgian girl silently crouched in the darkness along the River Somme scarcely breathing as a German patrol officer bicycled by little more than a footfall away from the weeds that concealed her. If caught, she would be put to death—punishment for her seditious actContinue reading “Most Obeyed Their German Conquerors—One Woman Fought Back”


“I won’t read that historical fiction garbage,” hissed a lady at the assisted living facility where a panel consisting of myself and other writers were describing our writing process. “History should be facts, not made up crap,” Interesting question. Why would anybody want to read a fictionalized version when they can read a history bookContinue reading “ONE WOMAN’S TRASH …”