TORBEN’S FOUNTAIN is a tale of guilt, murder and World War II survival wrapped in a love story.

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            Drawn into a fight to save his and other farms from redevelopment, Torben Friedrich finds that there is more to risk than just his land when the Mayor digs up evidence that Torben might be a Nazi murderer hiding in the U.S. since the end of World War Two. Torben had always known that one day he would have to answer for his crime. He hopes that when he tells his story, his granddaughter will understand and forgive him for what he had to do to survive.

As he tells her his story, he is taken back to 1941, to the young cocky, independent, chauvinistic American Spitfire pilot shot down in German occupied France. Injured and helpless, his only chance of survival is a brave young French girl who hides him from German search parties. To get back to England, he must first learn to pass for French—no simple feat when you’re a six-foot-one American and the trousers given you are for a five-foot-six Frenchman. And he must trust his life to a series of daring young girls to conduct him hundreds of miles through German checkpoints, Gestapo traps and over the treacherous Pyrenees Mountains into Spain.

Was the murder he committed a crime or a necessity of war?

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