Most obeyed their German conquerors—One Belgian girl fought back: a heart-pounding story of those who risked their lives to save downed airmen.

British Intelligence begs Lily to come out—the Gestapo is on to her. The dangers are too great. Many of her comrades have been killed or captured. But many more will be caught if she doesn’t find out who has betrayed them. When her initial plan backfires, she realizes the only way to lure out the fox is to make herself the rabbit.

Night and Fog is the intriguing story of the women and men of the Comète underground who rescued Allied airmen throughout WWII. Matching wits against the German Gestapo, they withstood ambushes, betrayals, tortures, executions and the horrors of Nazi death camps. And it all began with Dédée, a fiery twenty-four-year-old Belgian girl, who had the guts to fight back.

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